Martha Carr

A Few Observations from the New Thriller, The List
by Martha Carr

First thing to do in a crisis is take a step back. Otherwise you’re a pawn and not a player.

Smile, don’t mention any flaws no matter how obvious, and make sure you always walk away with more than the other fellow.

People always try to pull down those better than themselves.

The first date is always easy to get. It’s the second one you may find a bit more difficult.

She knew the ability to be happy with whatever came at her was a key part of why she usually won, and she at least took skin with her when she lost.

Trust no one completely, ever.

Never say anything, never ask anything if you don’t already know the outcome. The first rule of being a good courtroom lawyer.

Everyone always thinks their problems can’t wait.

Pay a morsel of respect to hurt feelings, no matter their source, before getting to the matter at hand.

Isn’t that what they teach in serial killer school? Kill them first with kindness?

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